Dimora Artica presents Filters, Flavia Albu’s solo show. The exhibition gathers a selection of works realized in recent years, providing an overview of the artist’s research.

Flavia Albu: Filters
September 12 -  October 19,  2020
Dimora Artica – Via Dolomiti 11 Milan

Whether it’s painting, video or installation, Flavia Albu focuses on the use of the structural elements of painting (canvas, brushstrokes, weft), that often become its subjects, more or less declined (painted brushstrokes, curtains, filters), allowing her to reflect on matters of representation and vision.
Her work plays with the transparency and opacity of the filter and the other elements involved, that, as a result, take on different connotations, especially in relation to issues of intentionality or chance in the context of the method and the artistic work itself.
The oil paintings rotate around the correlation between gestural painting and image. The gestural practice, that on the one hand constantly places itself in the sphere of a beginning of representation, can potentially also arise as the affirmation of a specific image of the origin; making the referent of the painting and the relationship between will and randomness ambiguous. Flavia Albu’s pictorial practice is a critical act, suspended between immediacy and hypermediacy, between fluidity and structure, it explores concepts of genesis, generativity, freedom.
That same ambiguity existing between intention and chance is also expressed in “Panneggio caduto” (“Fallen drapery”), where the silk fabric is folded to create wrinkles that send back to the Baroque theatricality. The installation is the result of the mise-en-scene of an accidental event, the fall of a fabric, a renowned pictorial subject that also evokes the canvas as a support for painting and a sensitive and sensual pictorial gesture.
In the whip made by braiding PVC stripes and the video showing a transparent waving flag, the interest is centred on the circular relationship between the fascination for floating, randomness, vacuity and symbols of power and assertiveness, without ever interrupting the continuity with the interest in fabric, weaving, curve and, in general, the optical and gestural aspects deriving from painting.

Flavia Albu was born in 1991 in Suceava, Romania. Since 1993 she lives in Italy, where in 2020 she concludes the two-year master’s degree in Painting at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. She is a member of the organisational team of the Brace-Brace project space, in Milan. Principal solo exhibitions: Dressing, curated by Dino Morra, Atelier Alifuco (Naples); XXX (with Cecilia Mentasti), Lapsus (Timisoara, Romania); Genealogie (with Jacopo Rinaldi), curated by Nicoletta Castellaneta, Rivoli2 (Rome). Principal group exhibitions, residences and workshops: Ci siamo arrivati dopo, curated by Ilaria Mariotti, Fucina 11 (Milan); Passion for the path of art, curated by Ilaria Bonacossa, Cardi Gallery (Milan); MACRO residency atelier #1 (open studio and talk), MACRO museo d’arte contemporanea (Rome); The Hidden City (Manifesta12 collateral event), workshop curated by Cloe Piccoli and Stefano Graziani, Palazzo Abatellis (Palermo); Residency the fine art collective (residency and open studio), Griffin Gallery (London, UK); Devi cambiare la tua vita, curated by Bianca Frasso, Hangar – Ex Macello (Milan); Milano – Joshibi, University of Art and Design (Joshibi, Japan); Pittura futura. Ipotesi pittoriche di visioni future, Fondazione Rivoli2 (Milan)