This exhibition project deals with the topic of mythologies (religious, political, historical), in the context of the peak of atomic energy, as a symbol of human progress and control of nature and energy in the 20th century. Artists focus on our domestic cultural and geopolitical region with the Tatra Mountains as its center.

Jarmila Mitríková and Dávid Demjanovič: TATRA FUTURISM
August 19  - September 4, 2020
VUNU Gallery, Košice

Formally inspired by museum exhibitions in the former aristocracy residences in castles and manors, as well as modernist morphology, Jarmila Mitríková & Dávid Demjanovič continue to update the medium of modeled ceramic sculpture. In the second half of the 20th century, it was used as a kind of living propaganda and a form of art available to the masses.

The themes, which were mainly processed by state ceramic and porcelain factories, copied the assignments of the ministers of propaganda or enlightenment. Using a similar methodology, the authors insert utopian and suggestive optimism from the future into the plastic, but also harmless melancholy from the past, which never really happened.