In this group exhibition, 12 artistic positions engage with the title term "MOTOR": The engine as a clock generator, as a converter of one energy into another. The curatorial selection of the artist and curator Martin Chramosta is not primarily focused on movement per se, but rather puts the stress on the inner and outer impulses that drive artistic production in general and the practice of the presented artists in specific.

Artists: Samuli Blatter, Karin Borer, Stefan Burger, Daniel Kurth, Max Leiß, Selina Lutz, Nico Müller, Alexandra Navratil, Aldo Solari, Inka ter Haar, Anna B. Wiesendanger, Aline Zeltner
Curated by Martin Chramosta
June 20 - August 23, 2020
Kunst Raum Riehen, Riehen, Switzerland


Fuel, energy streams and moving lines run through their works. When they meet, they even intensify themselves - or lead to crackling discharges. The presented works range from rhythmic drawings, auratically charged paintings and reliefs to conceptual objects and installations created by repetitive artistic manipulations or technical production processes. Gears, vessels and relics of industrial history are juxtaposed with natural eruptions or the representation of the human body, allowing conclusions on the tradeoff between nature, man and technology. The Kunst Raum Riehen is being transformed into a housing, vibrating from within with constant humm and buzz. The noises originate from several sound- and video works. Their tracks overlap in the space and create a motor-like basic noise. The acoustic sources can only be localized gradually as one passes through the three exhibition levels. The exhibition marks the beginning of the reopened art season after the lockdown-induced state of rest in the Kunst Raum Riehen. For this purpose, an energetic show has been created within short time and its dynamics will hopefully transfer to the visitors.
Text: Eva-Maria Knüsel

Photo: Moritz Schermbach