NEVVEN is proud to present Alles in Seinen Rahmen a solo show by German artist Erik Esso featuring new wall based sculptures presented digitally in the off—site setting of an abandoned industrial complex in Leipzig. The show is part of the NEVVEN ON SITE program.

Erik Esso: Alles in Seinen Rahmen
May 14 — Jun 21, 2020
NEVVEN ON SITE — Web Presentation 
NEVVEN Gallery, Göteborg

Alles in Seinen Rahmen —Everything in its Frame— is a double meaning phrase in German. It refers both to the frame in its literal sense and to an idea of belonging to a determined context or place. This multifaceted concept is explored by Esso through a new and complex series of works that clashingly mixes new media, like effect foil, with intimate vintage photographies. The works are documented in the surreal setting of an abandoned industrial complex of VEB Jutespinnerei Texafol in Leipzig, Germany.
How much our identity and personal history is determined or influenced by our connection to physical spaces? What happens to us when we leave a place behind and what happens to a place when it is left behind by us? A black and white picture of a young man lays upon the futuristic, space—age looking surface of Der Ernst Ist Zuhause. Discovering that it is a portrait which belonged to the artist’s grandfather just layers more the complexity of this work, which is already trying to extend and confuse the concept of another kind of history, the one of the painting format. Esso doesn’t bother to give many straight forward answers but yet leaves the viewer with many questions. Some of them worth of further investigation, especially today.   —

Erik Esso’s (Fulda, 1999) artistic practice challenges the concept of painting by using found objects, metal, concrete, plastic, wood, photography and drawing —everything that can extend a little further the medium. The German artist produces wall—based objects that resemble yet reinterpret the idea of painting while embodying a question and an exclamation mark at once. Esso is currently completing his degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and has exhibited at Warbling Collective (London, 2019), Delphian Gallery (London, 2018) and Till Richter Museum (Buggenhagen, 2017). Erik Esso lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.   NEVVEN ON SITE is a new format of exhibitions that wants to question and expand both the classic idea of an art show and the artist’s agency in the curatorial process. Using the possibilities given by the digital dissemination of artistic contents, the artists are invited to conceive not only a body of new works for an exhibition but also to define an off—site setting in which the works are installed and documented. These exhibitions are neither viable to visit in person nor conceived to fit a gallery space but accessible only as a web presentation on NEVVEN’s website. NEVVEN ON SITE is a regular program of 6 exhibitions per year that from May 2020 sidelines the regular events hosted by NEVVEN’s gallery space in Göteborg.