Une histoire d’amour is a group exhibition project curated by Giada Olivotto and Camilla Paolino and hosted by one gee in fog, an artist run space based in Geneva.

Une histoire d’amour
Artists: with the voices of Garance Bonard, Romain Grateau & Camille Stora and Lea Sarde on Lumpen Station. With works by Miriam Gili, Lucas Herzig, Thomas Liu Le Lann and Andrea Marioni. And Lucas Herzig hosted by Nada.
Curated by Giada Olivotto and Camilla Paolino
March 6-8., 2020
one gee in fog, Geneva

lining up against one another
while facing opposite directions,
sonnenstube ♥ one gee in fog will mate like earthworms do
as the act of mating is accomplished
– with reproduction still in the making –
each of them will go her separate way


allungate l'una contro l'altra
mentre sono rivolte in direzioni opposte,
sonnenstube ♥ one gee in fog lo faranno come i lombrichi
e una volta finito
- con la procreazione ancora in atto -
ognuno di loro andrà per la sua strada


Photo: Théa Giglio, all images copyright courtesy Sonnenstube & one gee in fog