Karate Poetry solo exhibition by Nikita Seleznev at Myth Gallery in Saint-Petersburg.

Nikita Seleznev: Karate Poetry
Curated by Anna Zavediy
30 January - 20 March, 2020
Myth Gallery, Saint-Petersburg

This is karate poetry, a type of internet language spoken by users with other users, images with images, users with images, and here, inside the project, it is spoken by objects with other objects and viewers. This is a language of constant references and unending allusions, where a substantial part of the message's meaning is lost.

The artist is interested in materiality in and of itself. This is apparent in all of the works in the project, regardless of the medium. Plasticification and sculpture, objects and video all allude to the physical aspect of conceptualized types. The exhibit centers on a video with fans' translations of songs that the artist found in the internet. These are songs presented in their textual, material form and then translated by amateurs to the point of being almost unrecognizable. The result on the screen is what the artist proposes calling karate poetry.

The empty spaces, choppiness, strangeness and cold allure are properties of the internet language made up of 0 and 1, of digits — the most basic units of movement. You strike a blow and return to your starting position, always counting off from zero, maintaining the utmost stability and impermeability of karate poetry.