Reencuentros is an exhibition that aims to explore the emerging contemporary sculpture through the encounter between two cities: Bilbao and Logroño.

REENCUENTROS (Reencounters)
Artists: Claudia Rebeca Lorenzo, Daniel Llaría , Blanca Ortiga , Laura Ruiz Sáenz, Julen García Muela , Elena Aitzkoa , Sahatsa Jauregi y Mikel Ruiz Pejenaute
Curated by Bum bum Studio
January 3- 17, 2020
Logroño (La Rioja), Spain

The eight artists participating in the exhibition have a geographical area, their academic background and certain aesthetic approaches as a link. BBS sees the need to stress the importance of the three artists from Logroño who develop their work in Bilbao: Daniel Llaría, Claudia Rebeca Lorenzo and Blanca Ortiga. These artists meet again in their hometown with five artists from the Basque Country, (Laura Ruiz Sáenz, Julen García Muela, Elena Aitzkoa, Sahatsa Jauregi and Mikel Ruiz Pejenaute) to show us their latest creations.

Beyond geographical boundaries, the works that we can see in the exhibition are evidence of the concerns and the expressive needs of new generations of artists. These approximate materials and resort to new approaches to different objects and techniques with the need to establish an account that discerns the environment in which they are, and as Daniel Llaría says, "all are excuses to create. Keep doing is the most important thing. "