spazioSERRA’s current exhibition season continues with a series devoted to Horror Vacui, the topic selected for this year’s call for artists. The venue hosts the first solo exhibition by Giovanni Chiamenti, a young art graduate from the Master of Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.

spazioSERRA presents
La cerimonia dei misteri
A solo exhibition by Giovanni Chiamenti
December 9, 2019 to January 30,2020
Lancetti railway station, Milan

The site-specific work presents theories from German Rudolf Otto, contained in Il sacro (1917). The book written by the theologian and religious historian analyzes the question of the divine in all its expressions, including the rational. The writer investigates the concept of “numinous,” the intuitable category of the sacred, but difficult to theorize. It is the effect of the “mysterium tremendum et fascinans” a terrifying and wonderful generating force that borders on the blind field of sacred feeling. The artist writes that La cerimonia dei misteri “derives from caerimonia, which in Latin describes sacredness and ritual, that in this case remains wrapped in a mysterious aura, in this setting bordering between the ancestral and the surreal. Through the inclusion of synthetic materials, the exhibition intends to reflect on the loss of the sacred vision of nature. The intent is to evoke a presence that hovers between human and divine”.
Giovanni Chiamenti imagines spazioSERRA as a sacred place, with its octagonal form that recalls the baptisteries. Within it, he places three structures made of ceramic: an altar, a fount and an arch. These primitive architectural features are completed by artificial plasticine, resin and silicone devices that evoke a primordial and lush nature.
The artistic research of Chiamenti also examines the theory of the Anthropocene, a term coined by the Nobel Prize for chemistry Paul J. Crutezen and which indicates the geological era in which we live. According to the Dutch scientist, humans, with our technical revolutions, have changed the territory we live in to the point of generating a new epoch in which the climate and structures of the Earth are altered with respect to their normal course.

Saturday January 18th from 7 to 8 pm
Sonorization of the installation La cerimonia dei misteri
by multi-instrumentalist Niccolò Cruciani, Polyphony of loops and voices

The score develops in a way that it will try to bring the spectator into an ancestral ritual dimension. It will be a crescendo that includes the electro-acoustic hybridization between human voices and synthesized sounds emitted by independent speakers.
The intervention aims to completely shape the environment created by Chiamenti, while maintaining the idea behind the installation, which is attempting to describe, through the creation of a locus amoenus/terribilis, the feeling of numinousness, described by Otto, that one feels when facing an event that has to do with reality, but still remains inexplicable.

CRU is a project by Niccolò Cruciani, drummer and multi-instrumentalist of the collective C+C=Maxigross, born in September 2015. In May 2016 he released his first eponymous EP for the Vaggimal Records label. Since 2014 Cruciani has carried out an intense live and studio activity with Maxigross playing in Europe in international clubs and festivals (including Primavera Sound, Eurosonic, Fusion Fest, Freak Valley, MI AMI).
The CRU project was born as an internal research and analysis tool. The meeting with Miles Cooper Seaton was crucial in the evolution of the musician’s practice, leading him to deepen a language aimed at celebrating communication without veils. Over the years he has collaborated with Miles Cooper Seaton (Akron / Family, Michael Gira & Angels of Light), Hakon Gebhardt (Motorpsycho), Martin Hagfors (Home Groan, HGH, Jaga Jazzist), Marco Fasolo (Jennifer Gentle), Babau (Artetetra), Indianizer and many others.

Giovanni Chiamenti (Verona, 1992) lives and works in Milan. He obtained his university degree Master in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan in 2017. During the course of the 2016/17 undertakes the Erasmus + program at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Brussels. He exhibited in group exhibitions in Italy and abroad at the Palazzina dei Bagni Misteriosi (Milan), Atelier 34zèro Muzeum (Bruxelles), Galleria Daniele Agostini (Lugano). In 2018 he was in residence at the School of Visual Arts in New York and among the finalists of the Francesco Fabbri Award. He is currently in residence at VIR viafarini-in-residence in Milan and is one of the artists selected for the residency program IN PRACTICE, in partnership with VIAINDUSTRIAE (Foligno) and The Blank Contemporary Art (Bergamo).

spazioSERRA is part of Artepassante Project, a program for the regeneration of metropolitan spaces lead by Associazione Le Belle Arti in collaboration with RFI and under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan and the Lombardy Region. SERRA is a non-profit exhibition space that was created with the aim of enhancing the Milan area through the work of young artists, in a place, the suburban one, not dedicated to art, where art becomes an accident. The realization of the exhibition has been possible thanks to: critic and curator Vincenzo Argentieri, event management Silvia Biondo, venue management Virginia Dal Magro, staging Angelo Di Matteo, social strategy Massimiliano Fantò, social contents Giacomo Lambrugo, photography Cristiano Rizzo.