Sophie Gogl' solo exhibition at Zeller Van Almsick in Vienna.

Sophie Gogl: seconhand angst
November 28 , 2019 - January 11, 2020
Zeller Van Almsick, Vienna


Oohhh uh ahh, when I'm at my wit's end, when I'm about to give up, will you get me out of here? Then it's ok if you hang out with me.

Lie flat on your back, stop all your thoughts and something will change. It will crawl up everywhere in you from all sides and hollows and free you from the agony. You will wind back and forth until you can finally let go and everything will fall away from you. Then there is only clarity and insight. And your imagination is turned on. I once smashed a chair in this state.

Today I started photographing flowers and plants everywhere on my way to the studio. I wonder how much of these "impressions of spring" will remain when they are developed in black and white. Thank yourself for showing up today. Set your intention for today. Everything is a mirror. And that's a good thing. When we go to the museum, we don't just look, we have a specific reaction to the works. During the viewing we are either happier or sad, more balanced or more depressed. But the course of this reaction is not visible in the work itself. An artist has not specially prepared for this reaction. He has not pre-formulated his response to it, but has simply followed his inspiration. Works of art are not perceived in full consciousness. The reaction depends on the condition of the viewer. Where have you been all my life?

Listen, we can't survive like this, all our senses are totally overwhelmed, we do and do, we are confused between simply doing and caring in the real passing time, and adjusting in the much faster and really much more multiple, artificial cyberrealm. We first need new genes and connections in the body before anything changes with the insecure, dissatisfied basic state. Fear when yoga or faith is useless. In the meantime, I read the short stories in "Just Another Asshole" (Primary Information, New York, 2018, out of print).

Melanie Ohnemus