Melanie Siegel and Jonah Gebka at Susan Boutwell Gallery in Münich.

Melanie Siegel and Jonah Gebka
28 November, 2019 - 18 January, 2020
Susan Boutwell Gallery, München

Melanie Siegel's pictures show the domesticated interventions of man in the landscape, which turn the natural space into a designed and conquered place. The works can be seen as a large narrative that extends over several creative years in which cross-references keep re-appearing. What is seen forms the starting point of the painting and what is discovered is expanded, alienated and re-composed in the painting process. The aim of this dialogue is not to imitate the actual situation, but to work out the essence of things by oscillating between image and personal imagination.

Melanie Siegel (born 1978 in Freiburg im Breisgau) first completed a training as a scene painter and then studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with Prof. Karin Kneffel from 2008-2014. In 2015 she completed her studies as her Master Student with a Diploma. She lives in Munich.

Jonah Gebka places actions that refer to processes of image finding, processing and distribution at the centre of his new works on paper.
He uses various techniques to depict both the processes themselves and their consequences. The painted protagonists hold empty sheets of paper in their hands. They study them or are already working on them. Printers and copiers can be found in the picture as well as in their visible traces left on the picture surface. In addition, life-size prints of scanned fingers appear in some pictures, as if trying to grab the image.

Jonah Gebka (born 1989 in Bonn) graduated from Karin Kneffel's class in 2018 with a degree as a Master Student. He received a scholarship of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes and will present his first solo exhibition at the Galerie der Künstler in 2020, as one of the debutantes of the Berufsverband Bildender Künstler München.