Euphoria group show curated by Domenico De Chirico at Tick Tack in Antwerp.

Artists: Adriano Amaral, Manuel Burgener, Anna Franceschini, Anna K.E., Takuro Tamayama
Curated by Domenico de Chirico
November 9 – December 21, 2019
Tick Tack, Antwerp


What if the object became euphoric?

Euphoria: from the Greek εὐφορία, means the union of êu ('good') and phéro ('I bring), therefore to bring good. Here, the fundamental question is: does euphoria lie in the triggering cause or in the subject on which it is unleashed? In psychoanalytic terms it is interpreted as a state of rebellion, as a fervor due to an unconscious reaction. However, the more lasting and broader theory of the French writer and essayist Pascal Bruckner, states that 'perpetual euphoria' lies entirely on the surface. The goods and objects that in our contemporary life aspire to well-being are even seen by Bruckner as beings who possess their own energy that aim at and claim happiness. And here we come to another, more mysterious form of euphoria, attributable to the euphoric states caused by drugs, in which everything is blended, where the 'bearer of good' is neither the user nor the substance. Euphoria means being in the world in the liveliest possible way that tends to genius, delirium, crisis and eros as tension. What if this thing that stands before me in its rigorous arrogance, through its aesthetic hyperbole, was in a euphoric state that can only belong to the world of things, or rather that of art?

Text by Domenico de Chirico