“Formworks” is an experimental curatorial format led by Evagoras Vanezis which aims at the creation of environments for collaboration and participatory events.

Phanos Kyriakou: Formworks 01: A kind of "there" there 
Curated by: Evagoras Vanezis
October 29th - November 12th 2019  
Thkio Ppalies Project Space, Nicosia, Cyprus 

These environments, exercises in alternative (spatiotemporal) spacings, are mediums of communication coagulating in diagrammatic matrices formed from latent potentialities and future horizons. The format, tailored for Thkio Ppalies Project Space, aims at extending the duration and expanding the space of the manifold act of blurring the lines between concepts and intuitions, theory and practice, but also between thoughts and things. The invited artists, whose practices make us question and reorganise our sense certainties, encourage us to enter explorative terrains where virtualities can be rehearsed, performed and practiced.The formwork is in any case an ephemeral placeholder and perforated depository of affects, concepts and images of thought for an era that hovers after ‘the end of persuasive speech’ [Groys]. By utilising the possibilities of arts practice and research as an act of maintaining openness, “FORMWORKS” takes as its point of departure the diffusion of knowledges that can only exist through the force of the motions caused by our being-with.