A documentation of the group show in cooperation of Polansky and FUTURE Gallery (Berlin/Mexico City).Friend of a Friend: FUTURE GALLERY (Berlin/Mexico City) during the Friends of Friends 2019.

With Botond Keresztesi, Kévin Bray, Jakub Choma, Martin Kohout 
30 August - 20 October, 2019
Polansky, Prague   

Kévin Bray ​is a French artist based in Amsterdam. He is teaching at the Royal Academy of  Art (KABK) in Hague. He is currently on residency at Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. His work  oscillated between several media – video, graphic design and sound design – through  which he questions the existence of the image and its modes of production. The paintings  in the exhibition ​ are parts of a storyboard for the video ​ Morpher
​ , stories of being consumed.  They often act as a symbolic reminder of the past and an indicator of the future of the  narrative.    

Jakub Choma ​is an Slovak artist currently living and working in Prague. He studies at  Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (painting studio of Jiří Černický and  Michal Novotný). He mainly works within the medium of painting, however, by using a  variation of materials and digital techniques, his works often take the form of sculptural  collages. The installation refers to Choma's interest in questions connected to human body  and its perception, in time when labor is being replaced by robots. In time when the one of  the questions we are facing could be if they will still need us or take force to forget.     

Botond Keresztesi ​lives and works in Budapest. Ge graduated from the Hungarian  University of Fine Arts in Budapest. His works brings the visions of bioengineering and our  present technologies that leads to making a bridge between objects and human body. His  paintings are following the aesthetics of his regular practise, which is an all over view of  different visual segments from all over history. It is the viewpoint of the internet browsers  where all of the informations are equal. Fake and real appears with the same emphasis. In  his new series he created composite creatures, based on legends from the ancient times or  antique ages and also refers to the well known surrealist game, the 'exquisite corpse'.    

Martin Kohout ​is a multimedia artist and publisher, who lives and works in Berlin and  Prague. He graduated from the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in  Prague (FAMU) and from the Städelschule in Frankfurt (Simon Starling Studio). He often  examines the alienating and creative aspects of technology. His work reacts to various life  situations, the incomprehensibility of the contemporary world and the inability of individuals  to navigate in it. Kohout’s major theme is the medium of the internet and the self-reflection  of man in global communication which brings conflicting experience. The video in the  exhibition with the frog hitting the glass of television, is based on the installation prepared  for the project Brno Art Open, entitled ​ What if we gave birth to a frog?, which was installed  in permanent exposition of Fauna in Moravian Museum. The frog is imprisoned in the space  which could be seen as a metaphor to our perception of the problems in the nature,  especially climate change.

Photo: Jan Kolsky