A growing installation during all summer at the Espace Moss in Saint-Gilles.

Le Songe
Arists: Sarah Margnetti , Miguel Soares-Gonçalves, Clémentine Coupau, Moussa Cheniguel
July 16 - September 20, 2019 (by appointment only)
Espace Moss, Saint-Gilles

Le Songe is an initiatory route to a hypnotic landscape where people, plants and technology create an unique living environment. The project questions our intuitive feelings and knowledge of the surrounding universe, guided by our own interpretation of sound waves.


Parures (Sheherazade)
Clémentine Coupau, Mask for Plant (laser cut paper, produced with the generous help of Komplot) 2019.

Shéhérazade is a fictional character and storyteller of the Middle Eastern folk tales « One Thousand and One Nights ». Held captive by a king, to avoid getting killed in the morning like all women before her, she tells stories for 1001 nights. Through her talent as a narrator she saves her own life and the lives of her fellows. This makes Shéhérazade into the ultimate totem for the women storyteller.
In a series of paintings made around 1950 and titled Shéhérazade, René Magritte developed a creature-like pearl mask, thingifying attributes of a woman face: lips wearing lipstick and outlined eyes. Parures reclaims Magritte’s mask motif and Shéhérazade’s achievements. Bringing together the masks with plants articulates multi-species entanglements, both for storytelling and survival.

Sarah Margnetti, Fresco (acrylic and oil paints) 2019.
A caryatid is an architectural element, a woman's statue taking the place of a column or pilaster, and supporting on its head a cornice, an architrave, a balcony, etc. The caryatid does not testify to the fact of holding or doing an effort, the caryatid is a certain idea of the woman in architecture.
Agnes Varda, Les dites cariatides, 1984

Miguel Soares-Gonçalves, Fountain (aluminium, galvanized steel, copper, caoutchouc, plastic, water) 2019.

Miguel Soares-Gonçalves, Cape (silk, cotton, nylon, silicone, iron wire) 2019.

Moussa Cheniguel, hairdressing and sound installation (4 tracks, sound design and synthesizer patch pieces (432 Hz / Structuring with Natures Code of Creation), plants, soil, glass) 2019.


Espace Moss is an hybrid place dedicated to experimental research running by Moussa Cheniguel. The project questions hairstyling by proposing in situ art installations to make people live an experience while having a haircut. The set is continuously broadcasted through live streaming, a kind of digital performance.


Photo: Émilie Gomez