A solo show of Matteo Manfrini, curated by DISPLAY in Parma.

Matteo Manfrini: per un’idea di reale – oggetti schiusi
July 12 - August 23, 2019 (by appointment only)

My work insists on the value of a primordial origin that I strive to display in its spatial representations. What I try to create is an object that moves away from the archetype, wishing to inspire other values in the viewer that are activated thanks to the friction and suspension of the preconstituted rules of observing.

As such, however relating to the present time and being tangible objects, my works tend to trigger a suspended dialogue based on perceptive signifiers. The relationship between those who look and those who are looked is the key for their full disclosure. My expression manifests itself as a "matrix of a desire" that neither needs to resort to pre-established forms nor to rise to a symbol, thus revealing the discriminating edge between the uncertainty of the idea and the process for its implementation that always follows labile, yet constantly re-discussed and deconstructed rules. Adopting this type of artistic practice means sharing with the viewer the transience of its mercurial process, which bears memories of its birthplace, of its germinal idea and implementation. This has led to an image rooted in time, an installation narrative full of those processes that made it tangible. As small traces in time and place, my installations tend to entrust the viewer with a further possible version of the object perceived in its daily life and present time thus redefining a new vision of its reality.

Matteo Manfrini (1983)

Photo: Luca Tavera