The body tells a story. The physical and spiritual process of building the body is the reection of our lives, experiences, and desires, which we disclose to ourselves and others.

Artists: János Brückner (HU), Ali Cordero Casal (VE), Carolina Chocron (AR), Cristina Kahlo (MX), Kis Varsó (HU), Zoltán Kunckel - KUZO (VE), Jean-François Lepage (FR), László Mészáros (HU), Rocío Montoya (ES), Anna Nemes (HU), Barna Péli (HU), Géza Szöllősi (HU), Astrid Van Dam (US), Ágnes Verebics (HU)
Curated by Bea Puskás & Tomas Opitz - TOBE Gallery
June 29 - July 24, 2019.
PEGAZUS, Szentbékkálla, Hungary

BODYBUILDING shows how various artists use the body as a tool for moulding their artistic language. Through the symbolism of the body, artists are able to address collective emotions and thoughts that convey their messages about their ideas of an ideal body, and their views and attitudes towards deviating from it.
The human body has always provided great inspiration for art; in the traditional sense, it served as a representation of the allegory of beauty, sexuality, and later, it even became a canvas or a brush for the artists.
BODYBUILDING challenges the formation and shaping of the body (image) in contemporary art along the hows and whys. Our bodies carry the social features of a given era and at the same time they also project our inner personalities and consciousness. The individual interpretation and expression of artists reveal how social and cultural issues relate to the contemporary body. The exhibited works tell stories of the society and the individual, identity and self-image, sensuality and grotesque.

Text by Réka Turóczi, art historian student