Sári Ember's solo exhibiton at the Artkartell projecktspace in Budapest.

Sári Ember: There will come the time of decay
April 25 - May 19, 2019
Artkartell projectspace, Budapest

Sári Ember (1985), born in São Paulo, living in Budapest, began her career as a photographer, but her creative sensitivity to dissolving personal relationships and family milieu soon conquered other techniques, from glazed ceramics to machine-cut marble sculptures. In addition to her multi-material installation works, she has been producing paper collage series regularly over the past six years, experimenting freely with shapes and colours using to the fragile and ephemeral material, paper. Sári Ember focuses on depicting the human head that condenses most emotional expressions, but in an infinitely stripped and schematic way, sometimes quoting the silhouette of sculptural burials, or the stone blocks of tribal masks. In her new works, she focuses on the shield-shape of the face, cutting out the almond shape of the eye and mouth, and the triangle of the nose from it. Her artistic universe is created with reduced visual tools displaying emotional archetypes of the human head embedded into the reference network of cultural history, from Picasso's female faces to stone-carved tombstones, from blurred figures in family photos to Greek theatre masks. The works presented in Artkartell projectspace are a selection of collages from the recent years, many of them made in Litomysl in the Czech Republic. In addition to face shapes similar to crests and shields, silhouettes of castles and flags are summoned, transforming the former industrial space of the gallery into an imaginary coronation hall.