Vitaly Beupalov's solo exhibiton at Lestnica Gallery in  Krasnodar.

Vitaly Bezpalov: BBBB DDDD
April 28 - May 26, 2019
Lestnica Gallery, Krasnodar, Russia


“I’m dying!” You remember what happens when I die. We saw this because this good news brought us joy. We saw this at the very beginning: what a scandal, I am dying! Our intelligent soul comes down to the soul of the sensuous or the animal, but it abides. It abides. And all these wonderful creases and folds... And the soul will again be dispersed when God calls her to the Last Judgment. You remember this very bizarre idea [lol] that B. had: the souls that were meant to be intelligent were not like that from the beginning of the world—in fact, it can be perceived as idiocy. Here I am, my sensible soul, and yours too: It was necessary to wait for it to be born in order of time, in sequence, on the first floor. It took God to call us, that is, to unbend our own parts so that we could begin to express the world. But before that we existed—however, in what capacity? As a sensual living soul, like the soul of a worm. And yet: what has distinguished us from the worm? In that era, it was impossible to know. D. said: it looks as if God has embodied in some sensual souls the action by which they were destined to reach the reason, etc. When we die, we will again become the sensual soul that forms part of the second matter. Now we have to make one small effort... ;B :D

Vitaly Bezpalov (b. 1985). Lives and works in Moscow. Artist, co-founder of Tzvetnik. Selected exhibitions include Sans (t)rêve et sans merci, Cube, Moscow, 2019; Hands of Doom VI, Storage Capacite, Berlin, 2019; Tilt, In.Plano, Paris, 2018; Obvious-incredible, 427 Gallery, Riga, 2018; No Where/Now here @Jim Morrison Room/Ultrastudio, Los Angeles, 2018; Ruminations of the Midnight Stroll, Harlesden High Street, London; The Rhythm of the Night, Center RED, Moscow, 2017; Paradise on Mars, OJ, Istanbul, 2017