Lucai Tallova solo exhibition at SODA Gallery in Bratislava.

Lucia Tallova: I'm the Land, You are the Sea
April 18 - May 10, 2019
SODA Gallery, Bratislava

LUCIA TALLOVÁ - Artist Statement 

In my art I've been continually working with the subject of archive and collection. The primary theme is memory, retention and fading of memories and their transformation or manipulation in the context of time. I combine the medium of painting with spatial installations, objects and photography. I attempt to connect not yet realised concepts to materials. The subject of archive is reflected in collecting old photographs, albums, postcards, books, porcelain, stones, various bizarre objects and furniture. Those become a working material from which I create new narratives that mix reality and fiction. By perpetual collecting and storing of various objects; stressed by layering and recurrence of characteristic motives like black ink, puddles of paint spill, floating particles of dust and smoke, blurry horizons, ribbons and flowers; my own archive emerges. Mostly in my recent projects I focus on the nature of the very exhibition space and the use of architecture. I transform the gallery space - I make use of found worn furniture and structures into which I embed individual art works or painting interventions. On the exhibitions variations of wooden shelves and racks recur; over time transformed into more complicated forms, podiums and site specific installations.  In paintings I portray a monochromatic landscape empty of human figure. Outwardly it's a depiction of apocalyptic cuttings of urban environment and a landscape scenery obscured by mist and wet ink. I attempt to create a tension between specific settings observed in reality and a dreamy romantic atmosphere. The landscape takes on the attributes of human relationships and feelings. From the early large-scale landscapes the concept of natural sceneries has grown into a space, is becoming tangible - a spectator enters the environment I compose as a scenography.  Female aspect is an important part of my art works. I access the paintings and objects by using the symbols of femininity, nostalgia and sentiment. I work with textile materials, decorative layer of lace and ornaments or with old painted porcelain. A woman becomes a central character of the narrated story which I personalise. I often use my old ink drawings and paintings; I transform them into collages and in this process never presented works from sketchbooks and entrails of the studio are given a "second life". Some of the art works refer to automatic drawing, sort of running in circles  and a new narration of old stories and works in a metaphoric sense. The supporting theme is cyclical repetition, intuitive collecting and storing, or perpetual reassembling of objects in space.


Photo: Adam Šakový , Courtesy of SODA gallery