Vladislav Markov's solo exhibition at the Cornell Univerity Tjaden Gallery.

Vladislav Markov:  -itis
April 15th – 28th, 2019 
Cornell University, Tjaden Gallery, Ithaca, NY

It is Saturday morning, an 8-year-old child is having an ‘open reduction and internal fixation’ of his broken arm under general anesthetic. This involves surgically exposing the fracture, realigning the bones, bridging the fracture with a metal plate secured by metal screws and then closing the wound. The anesthetist, Dr Wilkins, is a ‘trainee’. He is relatively new to the specialty having practiced anesthesia for 6 months, mostly under supervision. This is one of the first accessions he has worked independently. The excerpt begins in the operating theatre with the surgery already under way. “Acting in Anaesthesia”, Dawn Goodwin

Vladislav Markov (b. Magadan, Russia) lives and works in New York, US. His work has been included in the exhibition Donovan, Markov, Mildenberg, Tjaden Gallery, Ithaca, NY, (2018) Brian Dario, Liza Lacroix, Vladislav Markov, M23, New York (2018), Big Snack, Signal, Brooklyn, NY (2018). Reviews his work work can be found in ARTFORUM, The Art Newspaper, HYPERALLERGIC, and Brooklyn Magazine. In August 2018, Markov was invited to participate in Harvard University’s visiting artists program as guest lecturer.