Hydrobutter group show at GOMO Artspace, curated by Nika Kupyrova.

Artists: Radek Brousil, Daniela Grabosch, Anna Paul
Curated by Nika Kupyrova
March 22 – April 12, 2019
GOMO Artspace, Vienna

A shipment of fresh red roses leaves their forgettable country of origin, which is slowly turning into a desert as a result of climate change. Heavily impregnated with chemicals to preserve their moisture, they are then gifted as a symbol of sensuality and sex. Their recipient, a natural beauty, sustained by a steady supply of bottled water, browses the shelves of cosmetics and tinctures all promising to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It’s the dawn of the new currency. For the practical-minded it comes in boxes and bottles, rationed according to their status and wealth. The dreamers can channel their longing into virtual waterworlds, digital hybrids of memory and delusion. Sea flavour, natural spring aroma, deep-lake blue. You don’t even own a bath you loser.

“I’ve been walking for days. It’s peaceful; variations of texture and depth, ebb and flow; tremendous design complexities of realistic liquid. Sometimes things get slightly out of focus and the equipment chafes, but it’s important to keep your priorities straight. It’s about integrity. It’s about choosing the right reality. Letting go of the things irreversibly corrupted, shrivelled and dry. Not escapism, but pragmatism. There was nothing to be gained by staying there.”

“To your right you can see the locker rooms, where people would change into the quaint Lycra swim-gear of the time – and this gaping hole in the floor, inlaid with cracked tiles, used to glitter and bubble; water pumped in alarming quantities, fresh and clean and (the audacity!) for everyone to use. No running, bring a towel, long hair to be tied back. All social classes mingling in abject proximity, all shapes and ages would talk and wash mere centimetres apart. Now things are much more civilised of course.”

Text by Nika Kupyrova

Photo: We Give You Good