UU (The Artist as Director) is a research by Montecristo Project that takes shape through exhibitions, essays and lectures. Inspired by the work of Ugo Ugo (1924), artist, director and creator of the contemporary art collection in Cagliari (Collezione Ugo), this project investigates the work of several artists who have been founders and directors of art spaces.

UU - The artist as director
Curated by Montecristo Project
Artists: Lorenza Boisi, Sébastien Bonin, Enrico Piras and Alessandro Sau, Ugo Ugo
January 26 - March 2, 2019
Island Brussels

This research aims to investigate how artists create, program and direct spaces by assuming the role of curators, conceiving new ways of understanding the relation between artworks, space and context.
The first presentation of UU has been an exhibition of the founders of Montecristo (Enrico Piras and Alessandro Sau) together with Lorenza Boisi, artist and founder-director of MARS, Milan, and Ugo Ugo. The second chapter of the series has seen the works by Sebastien Bonin, founder of Island , Brussels, in a new and specifically conceived venue built in a secluded location in the Sardinian mountains.
The show at Island will gather these experiences with an exhibition presenting the works of these artists-directors and an insight on the figure of Ugo Ugo.

Lorenza Boisi: Lorenza Boisi is an Italian artist born in 1972 based in Laveno. She is the founder of MARS (Milan Artist Run Space), one of the first artist-run spaces in Italy and CARS Omegna (Cusio Artist Residency Space) .
Sébastien Bonin: Belgian artist, born in 1977, Sébastien Bonin lives and works in Brussels. He founded Island together with the artist Brice Guilbert in 2012. He took part in a show within a special venue created by Montecristo in 2018, built in the sardinian mountains.
Enrico Piras and Alessandro Sau: Enrico Piras (Cagliari, 1987) and Alessandro Sau (Cagliari, 1981) are teorema visual artists and curators. They started collaborating in 2013 with a project called Occhio Riflesso and founded in 2016 Montecristo Project, either an artistic and curatorial office and exhibition space located in a deserted island along the Sardinian coast.
Ugo Ugo: Born in Cagliari in 1924 Ugo Ugo is an artist, illustrator and - from 1967 to 1985 - director of the Galleria Comunale d'Arte di Cagliari, for which he created the contemporary art collection, now named after him, the “Collezione Ugo”. In 1966, as an artist, he was among the founders of “Gruppo Transazionale” together with T. Casula, I. Utzeri and E. Leinardi.