Dreamland is a series of inner landscapes originating in escapism, a feeling of longing for illusive places and the eagerness of discovering otherworldly sceneries.

September 7 - October 13., 2018
TOBE Gallery, Budapest

When my physical surroundings don't allow me to capture places that I am craving for, I use my photographs as canvases for creating imaginative universes, where personal memories, feelings and actual places merge.

The abstract compositions are layered by various outer landscapes and everyday life moments, but due to the distorted procedure, they are no longer related to a specific time and space. Through these internal illusions, impossible colors and places open up, where it's difficult to distinguish reality from dream, virtual from tangible environments.

In my experimental work, I try to investigate the artistic and technical possibilities of traditional film photography by manipulating expired 35mm film rolls in different ways to achieve unexpected colors, patterns, and shapes. As the exposed photographs are not visible due to the powerful chemical reaction, the focus is on the outcome and the feelings they evoke.


© Dora Kontha, 2018
Photos: © TOBE Gallery | 2018