Visual artist Herbert Aniko aka HANIKO's raw material is paper. Her works – with which she has becomeone of the exceptional people in the art world of contemporary art - are large watercolors, small collages, paper and other natural materials, a collection of installations of found objects.

Herbert Aniko aka Haniko: HIDDEN GARDEN
June 13 - July 14, 2018
K.A.S. Gallery, Budapest

"If there is an inherent connection between man and nature, then there is a community among men through nature."  From Noémi Ferenczy's diary

Her creations are characterized by cleanness, fine workmanship and personal tone.The Hidden Garden was inspired by contemporary Far East artists (Kazuko Miyamoto, Tomoko Ishida, Yasuaki Onishi), Henri Matisse and Noémi Ferenczy. HANIKO studied the colors of Japanese woodcuts, eastern gardening and Matisse's papercuts for a year and a half. Her most personal sources were the diary and oeuvre of Noémi Ferenczy. The exhibition is actually a hidden tribute before the oeuvre of Ferenczy. It connects the two artists focusing on the creative will: their femininity is fulfilled in their continuous, profound work and their delicate fine art. In this is where the most intimate message of the exhibition is hidden: if someone spends a lot of time on their work - be it months woven tapestry, Japanese garden or a large-sized paper installation- then in this close relationship the two personalities, that is, the artist and their work are intertwined.

In HANIKO's fragile and vibrant paper garden over the epochs and the continents, the play of the extremities, the emphasis on small details create the main dynamics. In addition to palm-sized and large-scale works, hundreds of paper flowers will also inhabit the Hidden Garden.

Photo: Kati Edőcs