Sári Ember – on the occasion of her first Italian solo show, held in the exhibition spaces of the Galleria Campari – presents a new cycle of works.

Markéta Othová is a visual artist transgressing the clear definitions of photography, her most frequent medium. Her work defies conventional photographic procedures which the artist deliberately opposes, also in the case of this show.

I tried to show you the best parts of me, the most edgy, composed, winking and generous of futile details, and I turned my silhouette into its own artifact orthogonal essence. Three plans, three quarters, simultaneously. Fractionated segments, carefully selected to make sure you will look at me.

Forms developed by Katarzyna Szymkiewicz adapt to a space. They are subject to a sequence of decompression and dislocation, unpacking and deployment, like making oneself at home in a hotel room.

Below the lunar path a creature with an alien appearance is wandering, surrounded by an ecosystem in which he does not know whether to mirror himself: the human being.