Constructed spaces, a sight balancing on the border between the virtual world and reality; statues existing only for thirty minutes: Dávid Bíró and Csilla Klenyánszki experiment with grasping the uncertainty. We meet situations which are planned but still have an uncertain outcome.

RITAURSO Artopiagallery is pleased to present UNDER OVER THROUGH, a group show with works by Emiliano Aversa, Jesse Benson, Adam Henry, Beatriz Olabarrieta, Naoki Sutter-Shudo and Priscilla Tea, curated by Domenico de Chirico.

Xavier Hufkens presents its inaugural exhibition with the influential American artist Sherrie Levine. As one of the artists who are most often cited in relation to appropriation art, it has to be recognized this category is too narrow to contain all that Levine’s work achieves. The more it is looked at, the more depth and complexity her practice yields.

Jakub Choma's solo exhibition at VUNU Gallery, Košice.

When a sardine can look back, when a piece of stone starts smiling at you, when a mute idol starts to speak, that is the moment when the object suddenly appears as something uncanny and transforms into something else, revealing it’s non-objectifiable depth, as W.J.T. Mitchell writes in his book ‘What Do Pictures Want?