GRoup exhibition curated by Undine Rietz  with works by Anaïs Goupy, Chloe Wise, Christian Theiss, Diane Haefner, Jonas Monka, Lenn Blaschke, Mary-Audrey Ramirez, Ronny Szillo at the Kunstverein Bielefeld.

Vinna Begin's soloshow at NEVVEN in Göteborg.

 Embajada is pleased to announce a two-person exhibition, PORTALES & DESGASTES (portals & wear), by artists Ada del Pilar Ortiz and Daniel Pabón. The exhibition reflects on ideas of erosion, materiality, and memory. Through painting and sculpture, Daniel and Ada's works evoke portals suggesting transitions and conjuring an elasticity of time.

Henna Aho is a multidisciplinary visual artist known for her abstract, large-scale, material-based constructions that combine painting, handwoven textiles and various objects. Her art works are inspired by the intersection of fine art, folk art and design. She is interested in exploring color, form and materiality; about narratives, home environment and everyday life, yoga, physicality and breathing techniques, poetic combination of elements and neo-spiritual mysticism.

Dystopia or the near future? What if we woke up the next day from uneasy dreams and found ourselves transformed in our bed into an exotic insect which you could not yet control or define through other body functions. But you would see many changes and the only thing that could remain outdated would be your thoughts about yourself and your corporeality. The first solo exhibition by Tina Hrevušová called Unexpected Existence suggests that we are about to witness the hatchery of strange and new existences which we can either become or gradually come to terms with. There is no need to constantly evaluate and draw conclusions based on our reason.