Supermodels, a show dedicated to the wide-ranging concept of the model in art brings together 52 objects that could not be more different in their variety. 

Like A Little Disaster is honored to present “And then an insurmountable tension, to the level of an incommensurability” a collective exhibition involving twenty-six artists, gathered to create a scenario decolonized by humans, inhabited by hybrid objects/subjects, rebellious to any classification or definitive definition, nodes of network proliferating chimeras that question concepts of subjectivation, objectification and subjection, the classification of beings and the hierarchy of actors and values. The project takes the form of a panorama structured by multiple sprawling connections that are never completely closed, capable of setting unexpected consequences in motion.

Sigve Knutson's soloshow at NEVVEN Gallery in Göteborg.

M 2 3 is pleased to present Praxis of Matter - an exhibition of new work by Sean Donovan.

Zukhra Salakhova's solo exhibition at Daipyat Gallery in Voronezh.