Dystopia or the near future? What if we woke up the next day from uneasy dreams and found ourselves transformed in our bed into an exotic insect which you could not yet control or define through other body functions. But you would see many changes and the only thing that could remain outdated would be your thoughts about yourself and your corporeality. The first solo exhibition by Tina Hrevušová called Unexpected Existence suggests that we are about to witness the hatchery of strange and new existences which we can either become or gradually come to terms with. There is no need to constantly evaluate and draw conclusions based on our reason.

Orsi Nyíri's first solo exhibition at HORIZONT Gallery n Budapest.

Olof Nimar's solo exhibition at Andys Gallery in Stockholm.

NEVVEN is proud to announce that it has inaugurated a new gallery space in Bologna, Italy. Keeping unchanged its mission and form as an international non-profit hybrid art project, this second venue will expand NEVVEN's program and will run in parallel with our Göteborg space in Sweden.

Rachel Uffner Gallery is thrilled to announce Due Time, a solo exhibition featuring new and recent works by artist Christopher Paz-Rivera. This marks the artist’s first solo show in New York.