Liz Nielsen and Dávid Biró's exhibition in the frame of the Budapest Photo Festival 2023 at Horizont Gallery in Budapest.

UNA is pleased to announce Histery of Art, an exhibition featuring three artists who share a common interest in the use of the word and of writing as a medium: Stefano Calligaro, Josep Maynou and Italo Zuffi. Within their works, writing takes on a “political” value, while never giving up on being ironic and poetic, crystallising in bittersweet statements, declarations of intent and revelations of states of mind.

Nepheli Barbas and Martin Herold's exhibition curated by Richard Bakes at Berlinskej model in Prague.

Jáchym Šimek's solo exhibition curated by Mariana Pecháčková at Karpuchina Gallery in Prague.

'I Want To Make Love To A Mannequin' is a group exhibition which took place in Budapest at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts with works by 5 young artists.