The exhibition "La table, l'océan et le fruit" consists of six solo exhibitions side by side in a production space of an old brewery in Stavanger, Norway.

eins gallery presents Leontios Toumpouris’ solo exhibition titled With mountains, and stars, and particles as part of Limassol Art Walks, 20th - 22nd October.

Dóra Varga's solo exhibition at Horizont Gallery in Budapest.

Candy Snake Gallery presents Emotional view, a collective exhibition that brings together the works of Nicolò Bruno, Giusy Pirrotta and Simone Stuto. United by the presence of the human figure elaborated through an emotional approach, the works of the three artists on display range from the representation of an intimate and everyday dimension to a courtly and fantastic vision.

If we change space, we also change time. If time becomes too long, too short, too full, or too empty, then the space around us also changes. The title of the exhibition, ‚Gespinst aus Raum und Zeit,' is a quote from the philosopher Walter Benjamin, who lived in the first half of the 20th century.