Réka Lőrincz and Dorottya Vékony exhibition at Torula brings together works across photography, video, sound, sculpture, and installation that explore themes of collective care, productivity, birth, potential, and alternative systems of value. The exhibition presents an intimate dialogue between the artists' personal perspectives, which are informed by their respective engagements with communities.

Embajada is pleased to present La 187, Radamés "Juni" Figueroa’s second solo exhibition at Embajada, opening Saturday, April 29.

Júlia Standovár second solo exhibition at TOBE Gallery in Budapest.

In the exhibition “Happiest Places”, the artists Thomas Geiger, Tintin Patrone and Raul Walch deal with public space and show different perspectives on the city of Siegen. The exhibition extends both in the exhibition- and in the public space of the city. Site-specific interventions and actions are taking place throughout many locations in the city.

Gideon Horváth's soloshow curated by Šárka Koudelová at Studio PRÁM in Prague.