Longtermhandstand is proudly present Catherine Biocca’s first solo exhibition, merealizingmygutfeelingwasright in Hungary.

Néphéli Barbas at Fait Gallery Preview soloshow curated by Eva Labá at Fair Gallery PREVIEW in Brno.

Zita Borbély's soloshow at ISBN books+gallery in Budapest.

Constanze Schweiger works in the fields of visual arts, literature, graphic design and publishing. Her practices enable and inform each other, and the results of her production relate to each other on a material, content-related, formal, conceptual and economic level. In her works, the artist uses textiles and textile processes to produce sculptures that address the relationship between time and composition as well as time and individual perspective. A central point of reference is an understanding of the human subject as part of a dynamic network of relationships with the natural and social environment, in space and time. For her exhibition Finished and begun in the next one, the artist has invited the duo WIENER TIMES (Susanne Schneider and Johannes Schweiger) to present the series Doodle Hands, 2023, created in collaboration with Constanze Schweiger. 

The international group exhibition METAL presents a selection of works by a young generation of visual artists from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria, focusing on the forms, emotions and communicative abilities of the materials used.