Jindřich Chalupecký Society and Galerria Studio presents an international exhibition dealing with ideas about possible versions of the future of our world.

Group exhibition featuring Ernie Wang, Marte Eknaes, Reba Maybury, Tamar Magradze, Tyler Dobson, Xavier Robles de Medina at Efremidis Seoul.

Solo Yolo, Essen-based artist Niklas Taleb’s first UK solo exhibition, explores material relations and emotional transitions of the everyday – being (or having a) solo, coming-of-age, settling down, individuating, communing and assimilating, considered through and as photographic forms & formulas.

Bianca Pedrina's solo exhibition curated by Friedrich Herz and Clemens Espenlaub at the Gimp in Berlin.

‘WHAT IF’ is the first group exhibition presented by GDA in Sao Paulo. Organized by GDA member Maíra Dietrich, the exhibition proposes an essay on promises and possibilities as temporal speculations.