The series of Stefan Osnowski is closely related to his earlier big size woodcuts, that he exhibited with the name Passage in the Resident Art Gallery in 2017. In his latest series called ENTRE - between the artist continues to follow the principle of creation based on strict rules, but this time he enriches the parallel network of lines with diagonal prints.

SECCMA Trust is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition Standardized Waters with Dimitra Dimopoulou, Florian Goldmann, George Tigkas, Jerome Aizpuro Suplemento, Krini Dimopoulou, Manolis D. Lemos and Vincent Grunwald.

As If A Field Could Become Some Dream is an exhibition at No Place Gallery (Columbus, Ohio) featuring the works of ten artists whose practices expand across a range of methodologies.

What happens when fingers stop their usual work of touching and pointing, and become hooks for strings instead? Or when shower curtain rings line up side-by-side atop a head to form a curly wig—or when one ring hangs still in the middle of a face, taking the place of the human eye?

I create pictures using a method that I call "material directivity". A realistic narrative painting is created using the materials that I am painting. So, for example, if I was painting a table in an interior, I would paint the wall of the room with plaster, and the table with wood putty.