In the exhibition Being moved things around. Deferral at Hillside artist Stephan Blumenschein pre-sents a new installation deriving from his research into anxiety, architecture and the extended medical gaze.

Sebastian Doplbaur, Lukas Matuschek, Sebastian Scholz and Thomas Steineder do not form a formal group and this is the first time they are presenting their works in a group exhibition. Their paths began to intersect at Vienna's die Angewandte (University of Arts and Crafts), and later the three of them founded a shared studio, which currently hosts around ten sculptors, designers, photographers and painters.

Embajada is pleased to present Astral Blue, artist Sam Bornstein’s first solo exhibition with the gallery opening July 8, 2023.

Group exhibition curated byAndrew Sung Taek Ingersoll at Et al. in San Francisco.

MBzwo are proud to present „Visual Resonance“ our new exhibition project showcased in the MBzwo showroom at Rummelsbucht, Berlin.