Alexey Rumin's soloshow at IP Vinogradov in Moscow.

Alexey Rumin: Maluha
24 November – 19 December, 2022
IP Vinogradov, Moscow


'Oh, if I could hide the basement
From the eyes of the unworthy! Oh, if I could come
From the grave, sit on the chest
As a guarding shadow and keep my treasures
Away from the living, same as now!..'


The exhibition presents a series of sculptures printed on a 3D printer. The theme of the exhibition is media monopolies as a tool to maintain power. In the case of a media monopoly, information is transmitted in one direction. It becomes a gift, accepting which, nothing can be returned to the one who gave it. The author explores his personal experience of being in the position of a giver, in the position of a media monopolist, for which he reconstructs and universalizes the exhibition-collection-game practice from his childhood. Maluha was the name of a small barn, which became the first exhibition space owned by the author, where he arranged his first permanent exhibition.