Reiner van Duijn and Tom Putman's exhibition curated by Tim Wunderink and Timo ten Broeke at the Kunsthal Kloof.

Afterparty Until Breakfast
Artists: Reiner van Duijn and Tom Putman
Curated by: Tim Wunderink and Timo ten Broeke
July 10 – August 14, 2021
Kunsthal Kloof, Utrecht

Imagine an neon-landscape. Then imagine a floor becoming water and the reflection of the whole. A scene that eventually overflows into one and another. The combination of the two artists can be seen as a trip or a never-ending afterparty. Tom Putman & Reinier van Duijn take you with them on their journey triggering both each other as well as the viewer to open up and party along. A party amongst material, contrasting contexts and the show as a whole.

Text by Tom van Veen

Photo: Scott Gorman