Konrad Kuzyszyn's solo exhibition at the artist -run gallery Pani Domu in Poznan.

Konrad Kuzyszyn: Who Doesn’t Step Out of the Shadow
10 May - 26 May, 2024
Pani Domu., Poznan

Text: Konrad Kuzyszyn

…who doesn't step out of the shadow,
because he doesn’t leave home

Being an exaggerated man,
I speak and act excessively.
I don't smell like a narcissus,
but I reflect in each of my images.
I cast my own shadow, in which I remain.
Together, it's cozier.

Each new exhibition turns into
a triumph of positive disintegration.
It is driven by a sense of hopelessness
of creating art in a time of excess.

I am inspired by those wretched creatures spawned by Ms. AI,
fed with my photos from over 35 years ago.
It's nice to see how the already decayed "representation"
falls apart, making room for the new.

I ponder the vitality of motifs, especially those
that are emblems, such as Collegium Anatomicum,
Human Condition, the series of Photo Trays, or Triple Bow.
The exhibition is the latency of motif's death.
Collections or museums remind me of Collegium A.

Thank you,


Photo:: M. Piestrak