Longtermhandstand is proudly present Catherine Biocca’s first solo exhibition, merealizingmygutfeelingwasright in Hungary.

Catherine Biocca: merealizingmygutfeelingwasright
Curated by  Peter Bencze
1 November 2023 – 13 January 2024
Longtermhandstand , Budapest

The range of media she employs, from industrial markers on waxed cloth to computer animations and space-filling installations with tape and PVC laser drawing on styrofoam, indicates a versatile and experimental approach.
The concept of merging different dimensions, reversing and swapping media to create an unfamiliar reality, suggests an immersive and thought-provoking experience for viewers. The incorporation of bi- and tri-dimensional elements, along with cartoonish imagery and science fiction details, adds layers to the narrative. The focus on human brutality throughout cultural history provides a historical and sociocultural context to the artwork.
Biocca's perspective on art as a tool to reveal the emptiness and nonsense of life as its only real sense brings a philosophical depth to her work. The theme of the pseudo hunting realm, questioning whether we are both hunters and hares simultaneously, introduces intriguing existential questions. The description of the exhibition as a luring labyrinth with simple questions of being implies an interactive and introspective experience for visitors.
It seems like Biocca's exhibition is not only visually stimulating but also invites contemplation on the complexities of human existence, violence, and entertainment. If there's anything specific you'd like to discuss or know more about the exhibition, feel free to hunt for the answers.

Photo: Áron Weber