eins gallery presents Leontios Toumpouris’ solo exhibition titled With mountains, and stars, and particles as part of Limassol Art Walks, 20th - 22nd October.

Leontios Toumpouris: With mountains, and stars, and particles 
20 October – 25 November 2023
Eins Gallery, Limassol

The body of work presented consists of sculptures, engravings and video referring to earthy and corporeal particularities, communication, development and relationality. Imprints, images, gestures and interiors construct a narrative of interconnectivity through which Toumpouris negotiates tendencies and nuances that are reminiscent of memories and projections to the future.
The sound of a truck draws my attention and I realise that it might be time to get back. On the way to my car, I think of weeds and those unidentified plants that grew in the rather strange-looking pot a few months ago. I insisted on keeping it on the balcony as is; watering the weeds and treating them along with the succulents, the cheese plant, the ficus, the fern, and the other leafy ones. It ended up being another instance of trust that something out of place will be integrated, somehow.
– Excerpt from Leontios Toumpouris’ essay titled About outlines, that he will narrate as part of the exhibition on Sunday 19 November, 15:45 at Kapedes village. For more information and location details contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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