Dóra Varga's solo exhibition at Horizont Gallery in Budapest.

Dóra Varga: Tiny Perceptions
22 November, 2023 - 10 January , 2024
HORIZONT Gallery, Budapest

"When the translucent material is placed between the viewer and the object, it can modify the original view, so the material can be defined as a mediating medium or as a phenomenon, and a third quality is created as a result of the combined effect of the two. In my "Swimming Pool" series , the geometric tiles and the waves of "water" interact. I am experimenting with how the internal geometric structure can be seen through the glass. The waves and refractions appearing on the surface of the glass are very similar to the water surface, they distort and make the regular squares look organic. The spectacle is set in motion by the spatial displacement of the viewer. The works evoke the atmosphere and colors of Eastern European swimming pools with the typical elements of blue tiles and white grout."

Dóra Varga was born in Miskolc, she graduated in 2011 from the Moholy Nagy University of Arts (MOME), silicate industry design artist, glass major. She completed her doctoral studies (DLA) at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pécs in 2021. The topic of her doctoral research is the joint, i.e. simultaneous, operation of our senses during the reception of works of art and its effect on perception. She is interested in connecting the senses, which can also result in cooperation between different art forms. It is important for her to experience and expand project-based thinking and its inherent possibilities. She is interested in the fine art possibilities of glass. At the University of Szeged, she teaches glass design and format at the Department of Drawing and Art History of the JGYPK Art Institute. She has presented her works at numerous international and domestic group and solo exhibitions. In 2019, her works were featured in the Trafó Gallery in collaboration with EJTECH , in 2022 she presented her works at the group exhibition of the Ani Molnár Gallery, and in 2016 she had a solo exhibition at the Miskolc Gallery under the title Pontról pontra.
With her artworks she has won prizes at the International Silicate Art Triennale (Kecskemét, 2014), in 2011 at the Sanislav Libensky Award III. place, also in Bristol in 2011, she won first place in the student category of the Warm Glass Prize. Her works can be found in foreign and domestic public collections: Immagine Museum (USA), 2019 in the glass art collection of the Museum of Applied Arts, 2019, in the glass art collection of Dezső Museum Laczkó, 2018


Photo: Dávid Biró