The exhibition, titled ‘Ever-evolving echoes', initiates a captivating conversation between Joanna Wierzbicka and Johnna Sachpazis, two artists who challenge conventional notions of identity, body, and the boundaries that define us.

Ever-evolving Echoes
Artiists: Joanna Wierzbicka, Johnna Sachpazis 
Curated by Vangelis Tzolakis 
25 Oct ober- 5 November, 2023
Upper Ankyle, London 


 Drawing inspiration from the realms of feminist post-humanism and queer theory, these artists invite the visitor to explore the complex interplay of matter, identity, and the journey toward self-discovery.

Inspired by the legacy of Peter Bull’s shop 'Zodiac the Astrological Emporium’, once located on this very street, at 3 Kensington Mall, this exhibition delves into the psychogeographical dynamics of a unique terrain, serving as a bold exploration of the inherent poetic structure that underlies our world.

Does our distinctiveness solely stem from our physical form, or should we also consider the influence of energy in this regard? We exist as material beings, and our connection with the intangible, such as interactions with the cosmos, echoes how oceans respond to the gravitational forces of the moon and the sun, or how planetary positions affect tides. The impact of matter on matter is a hidden force at play in this dynamic.

‘Ever-evolving echoes’ intends to reimagine gateways to a healing enchantment within the dimensions of the psyche while adopting poetic materialism as a means of survival in the contemporary condition, inviting the visitor to embrace the complexity of the human experience, transcending boundaries and revelling in the beauty of our ever-evolving, interconnected being and becoming.

By destigmatizing our empirical connections to the unseen, ‘Ever-evolving echoes’ opens a path to understanding that our daily lives are entwined with misleading dichotomies, obscuring our ability to fully grasp the mystical and chaotic grandeur of existence.

Curatorial text by Vangelis Tzolakis