Babs Bleeker and Tom Putman's duoshow at the at Heejsteck#, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Babs Bleeker and Tom Putman: [nature distorted]
October 21 – December 25, 2023
Heejsteck#, Utrecht


"For me, [nature distorted] is about how we as humans occupy our space on Earth, especially in the city, how we arrange our space and the choices made within it. Because we have limited space but so much to fit into that small piece of land. And wildflowers finding their way through it, I find it very beautiful. Even in the midst of all the ugliness, they manage to grow. All of this somewhat alludes to humans trying to develop themselves in challenging circumstances."

Tom Putman (1994) explores and transforms everyday objects into sculptures inspired by mass production and medieval craftsmanship. He embraces digital techniques such as laser cutting, CNC milling, and 3D printing to create his sculptural objects.

"In [nature distorted], I explore the richness of everyday moments that often escape our attention. My works reflect the fleeting impressions that we too rarely embrace today: the changing skies, the dance of trees in the light, the everyday sounds that surround us, and the endlessly changing views from our own windows. Painting is more than that for me; it's a way to channel and understand stimuli, anxiety, and restlessness."

Babs Bleeker (1992) explores fragments of memories and daily impressions that she arranges in intriguing compositions. Her work reflects not only external beauty but also the impulses that rush through her neurodivergent mind daily. Her works invite you to enter an intuitive world where explanations and definitions fall short.