Bianca Pedrina's solo exhibition curated by Friedrich Herz and Clemens Espenlaub at the Gimp in Berlin.

Bianca Pedrina: Patina
Curated by Friedrich Herz and Clemens Espenlaub
Text by Clemens Espenlaub
June 23 – July 14, 2023
the Gimp,  Berlin


For our last exhibition before the summer break we have invited Bianca Pedrina from Basel. In her photographic installations, Pedrina deals with architecture and urban development in a way that is as subtle as it is playful. Unlike traditional architectural photography, she does not seek the untouched and well-planned, but rather that which has been improperly transformed by man and nature. Where most see only a loss of quality, Pedrina discovers the possibility of anarchy, higher justice, and humor. For her, the patina appears not as a flaw that must be repaired in order to uncover what is intrinsic, but as a trace that gives things their very reality and truthfulness.

Installation views by Nils Bornemann and Bianca Pedrina