YOUTH 3 is the third edition of Horizont Gallery's summer exhibition series with emerging talents.

Artists: Kádár Emese, Németh Dávid, Rohrböck Dániel, Széll Ádám
Curated by Balázs Arató
28 June – 26 July, 2023
HORIZONT Gallery, Budapest

Emese Kádár lives and creates in Budapest, Hungary. She studied painting at the University of Fine Arts in Hungary from 2013 to 2019. In 2017 she spent a semester at Warsaw where she became interested in weaving due to its materiality, its link with spatial arts and traditional painting. She bases her tapestries on digital designs, and since 2022 she started transferring these drawings on gypsum plates. She took part of several group shows in the last 10 years. Most of the exhibitions took place in Hungary, but she also exhibited in Slovakia, Poland, Austria and the Czech Republic. She had two solo exhibitions in Budapest – one in 2017 at LABOR, the other in 2019 at PINCE. She had a duo show in 2022 at the RESET art space in Budapest. She got the American Tapestry Alliance Student Award in 2019, got selected to the shortlist of the Esterházy Art Award 2021, and won the main prize of the Esterházy Art Dating in 2023. She has exhibited in museums such as the MODEM in Debrecen, the Duna Museum in Esztergom, the Ludwig Museum and the Postal Museum in Budapest. She is a member of the Studio of Young Artists Association since 2021.

Dávid Németh (Budapest, 1990) Before his higher education he won a Cirius scholarship to Noorgaards Hojskole in Denmark.In 2017 he was awarded an Amadeus creative scholarship.He graduated in painting at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2020.During his studies he spent half a year in Cluj-Napoca.Co-founder of the Skurc art collective and artist-run space in Budapest. He has exhibited with the group at BWA Tarnowi, Piana Gallery in Krakow, Nick Gallery in Pécs and Duna Museum in Esztergom.In 2022 Naco participated in charity auctions, the Budapest Art Market and the Affordable Art fair in AmstredamIn 2023 he had a duo exhibition with Darius Gwizdala at the Resident Art GalleryHis artistic language is based on figurative and abstract expressionist tendencies.

Daniel Rohrböck graduated from the painter major of the University of Pécs in 2021, his master was József Bullás. The three main subjects of his artistic vision is painting, graffiti, and other visual arts combined on the canvas. Choosing a single motif with an eleborate concept is the backbone of his paintings. He is using graffiti as an act, as a visual language, and as a tool which lingers between abstract and figurative art. He is frequently using Asian prints, or visual representations of mangas, or famous paintings. In his newest works he focuses the painting more to be on the verge of abstract and figurative art. He is frequently exhibiting all around Hungary and neighboring countries. During his studies, he had the chance to enter a scholarship in Naples for half semester in 2019. He got awarded the first place in the 35. OTDK Painting group 2, and the second place in Ernő Tolvaly painters prize in 2018. In 2020 he got accepted to the Kepesita Collection 2020’s shortlist, and he is frequently featured on Mosoly charity auction. In 2021 he was published by kArtc Cultural Association in a publication alongside Ádám Dóra, Kristóf Szabó – KristofLab and Anna Eszter Tóth.

Ádám Széll (1995, Debrecen) graduated in 2019 from the painting department of Hungarian University of Fine Arts, László Révész's class. He has been active on the domestic art scene since 2015, he has participated in several group exhibitions, and in 2018 he had a solo exhibition at MŰTŐ, in 2022 at PUCCS Contemporary. During his university years, he was awarded the Amadeus creator scholarship, followed by the Ari Kupsus scholarship. He is member of Studio of Young Artists’ Association, since 2022. He currently lives in Budapest and works at the art quarter budapest studio house. Széll prefers to work in several mediums, but his main focus is on picture making. Lately he has been creating drawings on paper using graphite and indigo techniques. Usually he works on two drawings in parallel, which interact back and forth of each other due tot he indigo placed between the two layers of paper. At certain intervals, he swaps the two sheets and continues the indigo surface with graphite. In this way, he creats sibling images that are duplicates of each other, but they are completely different. Sometimes after he finished a drawing, he cuts them into pieces and reuses its motifs in his later works by redrawing them with indigo.

Photo: Dávid Biró