Candy Snake Gallery presents Reverberating Things, a group show that brings together the works of four emerging artists of the new generation: Nicola Bertolo, Nina Ćeranić, Eric Pasino, Andrea Samory. The project develops around the idea of continuous reverberation of images, in an overlapping of the physical dimension and the digital world that makes the objects of our vision ever changing and elusive.

Artists: Nicola Bertolo, Nina Ćeranić, Eric Pasino, Andrea Samory
25 May - 8 July 2023
Candy Snake Gallery, Milan


Nicola Bertolo (born 1996 in Vicenza, lives and works in Venice).
Through a harmonious overlapping of pictorial frames, Nicola Bertolo's works tell of virtual characters, wandering products, expelled from their simulated space and left adrift in a real, desolate world, where the absence of time deprives those who explore it of goals and certainties.
Among his main exhibitions, he has exhibited at: Studio D'Arte Raffaelli (Trento), Gallerie Italienne (Paris), Spazio Murka (Florence), Galleria Tommaso Calabro (Milan), Cellar (Trento), Palazzo delle Contesse (Belluno).

Nina Ćeranić (born 1992 in Belgrade, lives and works in Venice).
The subjects of Nina Ćeranić's recent works are personal objects that have been used and sold on various online platforms, represented through a painting that seeks to capture human presence and action in all its manifestations. Between familiarity and disquiet, different traces come together, such as the imprint the body leaves on the object over the years, the eye capturing a photograph, the painter representing the object and, finally, the painting itself as an object capable of evoking sensory stimuli and connections in the viewer.
Among his main exhibitions, he has exhibited at: Monitor Gallery (Rome), AplusA Gallery (Venice), Tommaso Calabro Gallery (Milan), Galerie Italienne (Paris), Museo Santa Maria della Scala (Siena), Dolomiti Contemporanee (Cadore).

Eric Pasino (born 1997 in Vercelli, lives and works between Venice and Biella).
Eric Pasino's research focuses on the relationship between object and observer and the juxtaposition of familiarity and non-representation. In his works, he aims to create a distance from the human to the human, like a distance in time that makes an object and its function unrecognisable while maintaining the link with its form. In painting, this process translates into still lives and compositions of created and never existed objects, stains and suggestions between the artificial and the organic, welds and sutures, objects transported from another time and impressions of presences.
Among his main exhibitions, he has exhibited at: Dr. Fake Cabinet (Turin), Lito Studio (Milan), Spazio CREA Cantieri del Contemporaneo (Venice), Padiglione Antares (Porto Marghera), Civica Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea Filippo Scroppo (Torre Pellice, Turin), Centro Culturale Candiani (Mestre), Biennale di Chengdu (China), Palazzo Borgata (Rocca Grimalda, Alessandria), Palazzo Barolo (Turin), Palazzetto Tito (Venice), Museo di Arte Urbana (Turin).

Andrea Samory (born 1991 in Padua, Italy, lives and works in Tokyo, Japan).
Andrea Samory's practice is based on a post-internet view of art as a process of materialising virtual images and intangible forces. In her works, she focuses on the biological body in relation to the stereotypical concept of nature and on how familiar images, when freed from their idealised context, can become a mirror for collective anxieties and expectations of the future. The artist combines sculpture and 3D printing with other experimental material techniques to draw the viewer into a world of natural corruption and disquiet, provoking ambivalent feelings of repulsion and fascination, alienation and recognition. Among his main exhibitions, he has exhibited at: Dimora Artica (Milan), Edicola Radetzky (Milan), Lixil Gallery (Tokyo), Songshan Culture Park (Taipei).