Nepheli Barbas and Martin Herold's exhibition curated by Richard Bakes at Berlinskej model in Prague.

Waters of Mars - Couples 7
Artists: Nepheli Barbas, Martin Herold
Curated by: Richard Bakeš
10 May  – 20 May, 2023
Berlinskej model, Prague

The Arago Tobacco Bar is a deserted and familiar place, indifferent and intimate, where one wishes to forget the seasons of Mars and the sulphurous breath of the glass doors.

Wandering customers bathe in an atmosphere of warm and saturated reflections like in an aquarium. One of them scratches the golden highlights on a lottery ticket in hopes of winning a ticket to Earth. But the fireplace stove seems to want to tell us something else - it is a cold fireplace and its light is green. Scattered letters that survived the flames after losing that leg, that loop, that tail are rising again in the soot and ash. Perhaps at last they will fly away, hesitate, and, after burdening the sky with harsh and bitter words, come crashing back down upon us, deflated by a cloud, in a shower of black dust.

Photo: František Svatoš