'I Want To Make Love To A Mannequin' is a group exhibition which took place in Budapest at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts with works by 5 young artists.

I Want To Make Love To A Mannequin
Artists:  Zsófia ANTALKA, Klaudia JANUSKO, Kristóf LÁZÁR, Luca PATAKI, Szabolcs Lajos VARGA
8 - 25 March, 2023
MKE Aula, Budapest

Baudrillard argues that in modern society, the distinction between reality and representation has become blurred, and that we live in a world of simulated images and experiences. He defines a simulacrum as a representation that has lost its connection to any original reality and has instead taken on a life of its own. In this context, the desire to make love to a mannequin can be seen as a manifestation of this simulated reality. The mannequin represents an idealised form of beauty and perfection, but a representation that is detached from any real person. By expressing the desire to make love with the mannequin, the individual seeks a connection with this idealised form, which is ultimately untenable, as the mannequin is not a real person. This desire can be seen as an expression of the alienation and disillusionment that characterises life in a world dominated by simulated images.
The influence, imitation and use of digital form and visualisation is a common feature of the works on display. The hybrid state between materiality and digitality is not intended to close, eradicate and mourn a bygone age, but rather to open up possible directions for visual art, while also tempting the future. Experimental technologies have played a significant role in the development of the exhibition, centered on a virtual curatorial assistant. Alpha, the Artificial Intelligence provided by OpenAI, was tasked with narrating the exhibition, using its concept and the theoretical texts provided by the artists to create an interactive tour.


Photo: Julianna Nyiri, Richard Tóth