As a sequence of How to Pray and a How to Play exhibitions, Viltin Gallery presents András Király's forth solo show at Viltin Gallery entitled On a scale of one, how are you doing? After his installation, chalk-drawing and mural painting, the exhibition presents oil-canvas works and a selection of his daily-made paperworks.

This exhibition reveals a small segment of the 1980s, and just a section of Sugár’s oeuvre.

The exhibition is the fourth part of exchange project "Ping-Pong, artist-run spaces from V4" initiated by Hotdock project space, Bratislava (SK).

Andrea Bocca, Edoardo Caimi, Lorenzo Lunghi and Edoardo Manzoni reflect on the dialogue between the industrial and rural landscape, an element that marks the flatland where they grew up and has always influenced their practices.

eins Gallery is pleased to present Peter Eramian’s solo exhibition Play Me.