The works of Anna Solal bring into play an almost primitive system of figuration. Or more precisely: primordial. That is to say that they flatten all of the intrinsic categories that normally equip our gaze, which are fundamentally oriented by their relationship to the real.

“What clearer evidendnce could we have about the different formation of these rocks, and the long interval which separated their formation, had we actually seen them emerging from the bosom of the deep?... The mind seemed to grow giddy by looking so far into the abyss of time.” With its paradoxical combination of scientific and lyric attitude, this quotation from the work of James Hutton perfectly represents the creative approach of the Finnish artist Hanna Råst (1986).

Filip Dvořák and Martin Kolarov's Age Of No Heroes exhibition at FAVU Gallery in Brno.

Å+ is pleased to announce that for the second time the two Swiss artists Roman Gysin and Patric Sandri created an exhibition at the gallery. For this new season - according to the ambiguous exhibition title «Neuer Staffel» (engl.: New Season) - the two artists have proposed an exhibition concept based on dialogue: Their collaboration started long before the exhibition began,with a conversation that lasted several weeks and now found its form at Å+ in the dialogical juxtaposition of the works.

acb Gallery presents a representative selection of Endre Tót’s cycle entitled Layout Paintings, created between 1988 and 1991. Tót’s Layout Paintings can, in every respect, be regarded as a novelty both by professional circles and by public audiences; this is their first appearance since their original presentation at the Galerie Ucher of Cologne, almost thirty years ago, in 1991.