The exhibition Fittings combines the works of the Dutch artists Kinke Kooi, born 1961, and Hendrickje Schimmel, born 1990, who operates under the synonyme Tenant of CultureFittings is part of an ongoing series of exhibitions combining artists of different generations and backgrounds.

Group show curated by Natasha Angashanova and Mary Anaskina at ZIL Culture Ceter in Moscow.

Antoine Donzeaud's exhibition curated by Alexandra-Maria Toth at Gallery Georg Kargl In Vienna.

Real Estate by Urlaub Projects is developed during confinement measures in times of COVID 19.

Outer structure: 4.10 x 4.10 x 2.9 m Chipboard, wood, wool fabric and heat isolation. Cryptocurrency mining rig with various computer hardware. While the rig is mining cryptocurrency (Ethereum) it also outputs 2400 watts worth of heat as a byproduct.