With the exhibition Americas Greatest Hits the London-based artist duo kennardphillipps are responding to the rise of right-wing populism, not just in Austria but around the globe.

Working across sculpture, moving image and site-specific installation, Jaroslav Kyša presents a body of new and recent work at Zahorian & Van Espen, Prague.

The exhibitions of Alena Kotzmannová and Q: (artistic pseudonym of Igor Korpaczewski) introduce two artists of the middle generation. In the Fait Gallery they are unconventionally presented in the form of two solo shows sharing the format and subject, while the actual linking of both exhibitions only occurs once, through Alena Kotzmannová’s object intervention into her neighbour’s display.

Exposed Art Projects is proud to announce NEW WORK by artists Candida Powell-Williams and Thomas Yeomans: a collaborative project in decrypting and encrypting anew; a manifestation of friendship as an unchosen artistic strategy; and a magical riddle that can be solved in (at least) two ways – resulting in (at least) two different routes through the exhibition.

The exhibition dominate sounds installation, in which Sobotovičová collaged, mashed her own singing inside of other musical context.