Augmented Sunrise Beneath The Skin features 10 artists producing work in Miami, Florida, and Berlin, Germany. The exhibition seeks to expose and subvert the infrastructural spaces and codes that dictate how our bodies relate to, live and work in the cities we call home.

In his first solo exhibition at VILTIN Gallery, the artistic program of Árpád Forgó (1972) takes shape through his unique artworks group along the nodes crystallized over the past decades.

A group exhibition with Zuzanna CZEBATUL, Anna HULAČOVÁ, Zsófia KERESZTES, Rade PETRASEVIC, Emir ŠEHANOVIĆ, Márton Emil TÓTH at aqb Project Space in Budapest.

The works of Zsófia Szemző are simultaneously characterized by the proliferation of colours and materials, the encounter of practical knowledge and conceptual approach, the intertwining of ritual and pragmatic actions, and the entanglement of traditional and future-oriented thinking.

FERi’s last show before the summer will be the solo exhibition of Réka Lőrincz. On 27 June the gallery opens as an imaginary witchcraft store, the inventory of which will comprise Réka  Lőrincz’s latest magic objects.