Dénes Farkas's solo exhibition "About Dreams That Awaken You" runs until 9 November 2019 at Temnikova & Kasela in Tallin.

VARIOUS OTHERS initiates cooperative and international art projects in galleries, off spaces and museums in Mu-nich. While serving as a content-driven forum for contemporary art that takes place each year in September, our mis-sion is to intensify exchange and dialogue between the art scene in Munich and international partners, guests and media.

Nuria Fuster's solo exhibition 'CHRONO–MATTER – Objects are closer than they appear' curated by Sonia Fernàndez Pan, is her second presentation at Efremidis Galery in Berlin.

Dear Sides is a new film installation that is generously lending its name to the constellation of new pieces that the artist is showing at P/////AKT. Katja Mater is interested in revealing a different or alternative (experience of) reality through capturing the areas where optical media hardly behave like the human eye, recording events that simultaneously can and also cannot be, holding midway between information and interpretation. 

A documentation of the group show in cooperation of Polansky and FUTURE Gallery (Berlin/Mexico City).Friend of a Friend: FUTURE GALLERY (Berlin/Mexico City) during the Friends of Friends 2019.