Art+Text Budapest is pleased to present a selection of paintings by one of the witnesses of the Budapest underground, Tibor Sóskuti, a.k.a. SOSO, from the period between 1983-1986. The show is part of the gallery's program that aims to rediscover Hungarian painting of the 80s.

Tobias Zielony‘s new work produced in Ukraine between 2016 and 2017 focuses on the underground queer and techno scene in Kyiv in the aftermath of the 2013 revolution.

Wschód is pleased to announce the first solo show of Jan Domicz - not only at the gallery but also in Warsaw.

Some animals’ bodies are so vulnerable to their surroundings that they need to be encased in hard shells to survive.

Dimora Artica presents Sea-Monkeys Cult by Tania Fiaccadori, a personal exhibition that reflects on the concept of survival (Nachleben) in relation to the symbolic power of objects and images and their eternal return through history. The works, inspired by the magical instruments of the ancient Italian traditions, reproduce a ritual expressive form seen through a contemporary filter, as if they were part of an alien cult.