Make Room is proud to present Chinglish, an exhibition by artist Li Shun. Li’s debut exhibition in the United States brings together his latest series on paper, photography, and video.

Sarah Lehnerer solo exhibiton at Exile in Vienna.

The exhibition Horse & Britches does not speak explicitly about pornography but is highly sensual, erotic, expressive towards (female) sexuality and with no doubts sex-positive while remaining critical.

Osnova Gallery in Moscow presents an exhibition by Colin Penno and Raul Diaz Reyes, curated by Domenico De Chirico.

UU (The Artist as Director) is a research by Montecristo Project that takes shape through exhibitions, essays and lectures. Inspired by the work of Ugo Ugo (1924), artist, director and creator of the contemporary art collection in Cagliari (Collezione Ugo), this project investigates the work of several artists who have been founders and directors of art spaces.