In the long run Adam Vačkář creates an economic and ecological scenario based on the reality of the consumer system. From Margin of Hope (2013), based on a concrete ecological crisis in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, it gradually transforms into the imaginary socio-critical scenario of the future.

Sarah Pichlkostner creates sculptural objects and spatial settings through which she investigates the representation of invisible processes such as the transmitting of energy, the passing of time and our psychological behaviour towards materials and objects.

Saša Tkačenko solo show at the ENA Viewing Space In Budapest.

Taking inspiration from the methodology of storytelling, Jakub Jansa uses narration as an instrument created by the mind to contextualize reality and explains it according to a logic of senses, in order to examine identity processes and media experiences in depth and focus on the dynamics of social influencing.

T14 inaugurates its new gallery space with a collaboration between the Italian designer Pietro Russo and the Swiss artist Maya Rochat. The show marks the beginning of a new curatorial program that rethink the exhibiting space and works on the uniqueness of the presented artworks. The interaction between image and design gives birth to the whole visual experience that is beyond just seeing and touching, and T14 invites the visitors to live it fully.